Cobleskill Lodge #394 F & AM

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A Brief History of Cobleskill Lodge #394 F & AM

   On December 25, 1855 a group of Schoharie county Free & Accepted Masons gathered at the Summit Lake House to organize a new masonic lodge in the area. A provisional warrent was issued by Grand Lodge to create Summit Lake Lodge #394. According to the minutes of that meeting the following Mason's names were submitted to Grand Lodge to serve as officers for this new lodge: Worshipful Master: Isaac Mann, Senior Warden: E.M. Comstock, Junior Warden: E.Boies, Secretary: T.B. Van Alstine, and Treasurer: John Westover.

Wor. Bro. Isaac Mann, first Master of Cobleskill Lodge #394 F & AM

   Meetings were known to be held there for a few months, but by April of 1856 the meeting location had been moved to the upper floor of Worshipful Master Mann's Bakery shop located on Main Street in Richmondville. At this point the Lodge name was changed to Richmondville Lodge #394. On June 24th, 1856 Grand Lodge granted a charter to Richmondville Lodge #394 and on July 10th a great public ceremony was held with parades, church services and the public installation of officers. Membership grew rapidly, taking in candidates from all over the county. On August 23rd, 1859 the meeting minutes indicate that they examined some Brothers who had petitioned Grand Lodge to form a new Lodge in Schoharie. In 1860 we find it recorded that a delegation was sent to Grand Lodge to procure a dispensation to hold meetings alternatelty in Cobleskill and Richmondville. In June of 1861 a petition was sent to Grand Lodge to move the Lodge to Cobleskill. The Lodge was actually moved to a house in Warnerville then owned by Martin Fries. On June 7th, 1862 Grand Lodge passed a resolution to change the name of the Lodge to Cobleskill #394. In June of 1864 Brothers of the Lodge petitioned to form a new Lodge in the town of Jefferson.

   In July of 1865 the Lodge was moved again to a new building on the corner of North Grand Street and Chapel Street. In February of 1867 Brothers of the Lodge petitioned to form a new Lodge in the village of Middleburgh. On November 8th, 1891, the Brothers of Cobleskill Lodge paid their last respects to their first Worshipful Master, Brother Isaac Mann.

At some point between 1891 and 1919 the Lodge moved again to the upper floor of the Courier House, now known as The Bull's Head Inn, and then later to the third floor of the Selkirk Harware Building on the corner of Union and Main. This floor no longer exists due to a fire in later years. In 1919 the Brothers voted to purchase to old Dutch Reformed Church on the corner of Washington and Main, the current location of Cobleskill Lodge.

Past Masters of Cobleskill Lodge #394

1855 - 1859 Isaac Mann
1860 Dr. Sylvester M. Van Alstyne
1861 Isaac Mann, PM
1862 Peter Swart
1863 - 1864 Isaac Mann, PM
1865 - 1867 Luther T. Fox
1868 - 1872 Sanford J. Thatcher
1873 John J. Dickenson
1874 John M. Dean
1875 - 1877 Martin D. Borst
1878 - 1883 Sanford J. Thatcher, PM
1884 John S. Pinder
1885 - 1888 Henry Bellinger
1889 - 1890 Lawrence W. Baxter
1891 - 1892 William J. Miller
1893 - 1894 George M. Palmer, later DDGM 1912
1895 - 1896 Frank M. Dunkle
1897 - 1898 Willard Almy
1899 - 1900 Edward Schultz
1901 - 1902 Sanford S. Meyers
1903 - 1904 Leslie T. Browne
1905 - 1906 Seward H. Van Ness, Later GDC 1906
1907 George D. Ryder
1908 George J. Dann
1909 - 1910 William H. Golding, Later GREP Paraiba 1935
1911 Edward Schultz, PM
1912 - 1913 Ellsworth J. Roberts
1914 - 1916 Charles A. Letts
1917 - 1918 Charles B. Jones
1919 Harry M. Greenwald, Later DDGM 1942
1920 Harold T. Smith
1921 Carl S. Dillenbeck
1922 Maynard K. Van Deusen
1923 James F. France
1924 - 1925 George E. Fake, Later GSB 1927
1926 William C. Ruland, Later DDGM 1933
1927 Glen A. Brewer
1928 Clarence A. Turk
1929 Claude R. Clark
1930 Harry F. Ruland
1931 William R. Packer, Later GSB 1957
1932 Sharon J. Mauhs
1933 - 1934 Edmund H. Rich
1935 Edmund N. Moot
1936 H. Irving Chase
1937 Charles R. Salsburgh
1938 Leffert P. Van Schaick
1939 Archie W. Hynds
1940 James L. Warner, Later GREP Dist. of Col. 1946
1941 Harold M. Barnes
1942 Robert S. McMorris
1943 Leffert P. Van Schaick, PM
1944 - 1945 Herbert C. Frosell
1946 Franklin M. Holmes
1947 Harold L. Bradner, Later GDC 1971
1948 Allan P. Smith
1949 William E. Filkins, DSA
1950 Max R. Fosmire
1951 - 1952 Robert M. Northrup, Later AGL 1955
1953 Robert E. Potts
1954 Robert L. Fraats
1955 Jerry F. Tryon, later DDGM 1960
1956 Glen F. Schaffer, later DDGM 1978
1957 John M. Slater
1958 Charles W. Fosmire
1959 Glen F. Schaffer, PM, later DDGM 1978
1960 - 1961 Oliver D. Mereness, later GDC 1983
1962 Harold J. Loder
1963 Walter J. Meyers
1964 Robert G. Wilcox
1965 Ralph J. Karker
1966 Jon Nevius
1967 Morris Dillenbeck
1968 - 1969 C. Albert Simmons
1970 John A. Grossbeck, later GREP Utah 1998
1971 Jacob C. Schall
1972 Raymond P. Aldrich
1973 - 1974 Bion F. Call
1975 Raymond N. Jorgensen
1976 Hanford J. Shultis
1977 - 1978 Gary H. Porn, NPD
1979 Raynor B. Duncombe
1980 David C. Jorgensen, NPD
1981 Oliver D. Mereness, PM later GDC 1983
1982 - 1983 William C. Mau
1984 Henry J. Whitbeck, NPD
1985 - 1986 George B. Walker
1987 - 1988 Rev. Herbert F. Mayne Jr., Later GC 1996
1989 Michael D. Weisberg, later AGL 2015, GSB 2016
1990 Peter J. Lindemann, later DDGM 2006
1991 - 1992 Alison L. Aumick, later GS 2006
1993 Joseph A. Phillips, later AGL 2000
1994 Michael D. Weisberg, PM, later AGL 2015, GSB 2016
1995 - 1996 Allan L. Nixon, Later AGL 1998, NPD
1997 Rev. Herbert F. Mayne Jr., GC, PM
1998 - 1999 Joseph A. Phillips, PM, later AGL 2000
2000 Rev. Herbert F. Mayne Jr., GC, PM
2001 John A. Grossbeck, PGREP, PM
2002 Alison L. Aumick, PM, later GS 2006
2003 - 2004 Todd A. Delmarter
2005 Roy A. Bilby, later AGL 2005, DDGM 2012
2006 Rev. Herbert F. Mayne Jr., GC, PM
2007 Matthew J. Edmister
2008 Karl F. Schwarzenegger
2009 Roy A. Bilby, PM, PAGL, later DDGM 2012
2010 Daniel A. Houde
2011 Cooney R. Walters
2012 - 2013 Phillip J. Loeper Jr.
2014 - 2015 Theodore B. Shuart III
2016 Kristofer Kinnear

Past Grand Lodge Officers from Cobleskill Lodge #394

   Seward H. Van Ness, Grand Director of Ceremonies, 1912

   George M. Palmer, District Deputy Grand Master, 1912

   George E. Fake, Grand Sword Bearer, 1927

   William C. Ruland, District Deputy Grand Master, 1933

   William H. Golding, Grand Representative to Paraiba, 1935 *

   Harry M. Greenwald, District Deputy Grand Master, 1942

   James L. Warner, Grand Representative to the District of Columbia, 1946 *

   Robert Northrup, Assistant Grand Lecturer, 1955

   William R. Packer, Grand Sword Bearer, 1957

   Jerry F. Tryon, District Deputy Grand Master, 1960

   Harlod L. Bradner, Grand Director of Ceremonies, 1971 *

   Glen F. Schaffer, District Deputy Grand Master, 1978

   Oliver D. Mereness, Grand Director of Ceremonies, 1983

   Rev. Herbert F. Mayne Jr., Grand Chaplain, 1996 ***

   Alan L. Nixon, Assistant Grand Lecturer, 1998 ***

   Joseph A. Phillips, Assistant Grand Lecturer, 2000 ***

   John A. Grossbeck, Grand Representative to Utah, 2004

   Roy A. Bilby, Assistant Grand Lecturer, 2005 ***

   Peter J. Lindemann, District Deputy Grand Master, 2006 ***

   Fenton R. Mereness Jr., Grand Pursuivant, Grand Lodge of California, 2006 ***

   Alison L. Aumick, Grand Steward, 2006 ***

   Theodore C. Volkert, Assistant Grand Lecturer, 2010 ***

   Roy A. Bilby, District Deputy Grand Master, 2012 ***

   Michael D. Weisberg, Assistant Grand Lecturer of Albany District, 2015 ***

   Michael D. Weisberg, Grand Sword Bearer of Old 17th District, 2016 ***

   Theodore C. Volkert, District Deputy Grand Master, 2016 ***

Dedicated Service Award Recipients from Cobleskill Lodge #394

   W:. Jacob C. Schall, DSA

   W:. William E. Filkins, DSA

   Bro. Franz J. Baier, DSA

   Bro. Water G. Mau, DSA

   Bro. David G. Miller, DSA

   Bro. Roger "RJ" Mallery, DSA

Wendell K. Walker Award Recipients from Cobleskill Lodge #394

   W:. Todd Del Marter, PM, WKW

Daniel Carter Beard Award Recipients from Cobleskill Lodge #394

   W:. Karl F. Schwarzenegger, PM, DCB

   R:.W:.Al Aumick, PGS, PM, DCB

   R:.W:. Roy A. Bilby, PDDGM, PAGL, PM, DCB

Life Members of Cobleskill Lodge #394

   Bro. Kenneth K. Fake

   Bro. James H. Kitchen

   W:.Bro. Harold J. Loder

   Bro. Alton D. Makely

   R:.W:.Bro. Fenton R. Mereness Jr.

   Bro. Edward Pavlic