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Central Leatherstocking Masonic District

Central Leatherstocking Charities Corporation

Grand Lodge of Free & Accepted Masons of the State of New York

Onondaga and Oswego Masonic District Historical Society - multiple resource site

Appendant and concordant bobies

Valley of Schenectady Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite Facebook Page

Cyprus Shrine Facebook page - Closed Group

Masons Online - The Capital Area Lodges and Bodies Scheduler - (Requires a log in account)


Macoy's Masonic Store

J.P. Luther Co. Masonic Store

Dean & Associates Masonic Supplies

The Craftsmans Apron - Hand Crafted Masonic Aprons

"When you have attained the Way of Strategy, there will be not one thing you cannot understand. You will see the Way in everything."

Miyamoto Musashi
A Book of Five Rings


"One inch of joy surmounts of grief a span; Because to laugh is proper to the man."

Sir Thomas Urquart


"All that is, is not; yet at some time had to be. For if it had not been, it would not yet still be. And is not."

Yamool Boolean
Prophet of Mare Island